about us

Founded by Ian Rogers, who runs his own shoot from Manor Farm on the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire, Manor Farm Game was born from the realisation that a public increasingly interested in eating natural, high quality foods from traceable sources, might be ready to experience the unique flavour of traditional game from a local producer.

The abundant yield of partridge and pheasant resulting from each day’s shoot could, perhaps, be just what they were looking for.

From the start, Ian decided to sell his produce direct to the consumer, initially at Farmer’s Markets – where traceability is also a fundamental principle – throughout the Home Counties. Regular contact with stall visitors led to a better understanding of their likes and needs, and importantly, their appetite for new offerings.

While Farmer’s Markets remain an important avenue for Manor Farm, the next logical step was to make its products more widely available via the Manor Farm Game website.

As Manor Farm’s reputation grew, attracting a listing in ‘Food Heroes’ the best-selling book by Rick Stein (the celebrated chef and long-time champion of traditional British food producers), it was not long before customer demand could no longer be met from the Manor Farm shoot alone.

But how to expand without losing the very qualities that make Manor Farm so special? The answer was to seek out other local estates and farmer/producers of high quality produce to enhance the range.

By working closely with all his UK producers, Ian is still able to track the provenance of Manor Farm Game’s products, and ensure that product quality and customer satisfaction are not compromised.

In addition, to ensure greater customer choice during the ’Closed Season’, Ian has looked to quality suppliers from further afield. Manor Farm’s guinea fowl, for example, are sourced from France, where the delights of this exotic bird are particularly savoured.

Supported by this growing network of fine quality suppliers, the Manor Farm Game website now enables customers from virtually anywhere on the UK mainland to choose from one of the largest ranges of fine quality game available online.

While browsing through our product listings, you will find many products described as free-range, estate-reared or wild – these terms are explained below.

Products like Turkey, Goose and Aylesbury Duck are raised on farms where they roam freely in large paddocks and orchards during the day, and are brought into covered accommodation at night for their protection.

In addition to breeding naturally in the wild, some of our pheasant, mallard and partridge are reared on local estates, where they are free to fly or graze wherever they will. Each year, new chicks or poults are introduced to ensure stock levels are maintained, and provide sufficient sport for shoots – and produce for Manor Farm customers.

Our wild game – such as venison, rabbit, hare, grouse and wood pigeon – is just that: naturally occurring species that are shot in the wild, on the moors and in the woods and fields of England and Scotland. High in protein, yet low in fat and chloresterol, our game is healthy and extremely nutritious.

To hang or not to hang?
Before packing, our game is briefly hung. In this way we bring out the meat’s distinctive natural flavours while avoiding the strong ‘gamey’ taste and smell favoured by game enthusiasts of earlier generations. The hanging process ensures you are rewarded with a uniquely flavoursome meal every time you prepare Manor Farm game.

Lead shot
Some wild game produce may contain lead shot. While we try to remove all lead pellets during the preparation of our game, prior to despatch, care should be taken not to bite or swallow any that remain.

Manor Farm Game Ltd runs its produce preparation, packing and despatch operations from Long Grove Wood Farm, Chesham, in Buckinghamshire. Our business is named, however, after ‘Manor Farm’ another Buckinghamshire estate that is home to our Shoot and from which much of our game hails.