Wild rabbits are available all the year round and come from our own shoot or from a number of local estates well known to us.

Rabbit has a milder flavour than most ground game and, tasting rather like chicken, benefits from strong seasoning during cooking to bring out the best flavour.

Wild Rabbit

Pot-roast rabbit, rabbit stew, rabbit with sage and onion stuffing, curried rabbit, rabbit pie…….aaaah, the delectable list is seemingly endless! Just select from the following list of prepared and oven-ready portions.

Whole rabbit @ £4.00 eachQty.  
Whole rabbit – jointed @ £5.00 eachQty.  
Saddle of rabbit @ £3.00 eachQty.  
Pack of four legs @ £6.00 per packQty.  
Pack of four shoulders @ £3.00 per packQty.