We currently have a range of three different types of burger all with a gentle flavour of game. They offer a wonderful alternative to the standard ‘beefburger’ and are perfect for the BBQ. If cooked in the oven or under a grill they also offer a delicious quick lunch or supper.

All our burgers are sold in packs of four with a miniumum weight of 400g.

Duck and Orange Burgers

A subtle flavour combining the delicacy of duck with a hint of orange. Quite delicious – but we are biased!

Pack of four @ £3.50 per packQty.  

Mixed Game Burgers

A slightly stronger flavour from a combination of venison, pheasant and wild boar. Again, excellent with either redcurrant jelly or cranberry sauce.

Pack of four @ £3.50 per packQty.  

Venison Burgers

A gentle gamey flavour, particularly appetising when accompanied with redcurrant jelly.

Pack of four @ £3.50 per packQty.