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Game is no more difficult to cook than any other meat or poultry. Once game has been hung and is ready for the pot, there are no hard and fast rules about cooking it. In fact, with the exception of rabbit, perhaps, the recipes for the various species are virtually interchangeable.

So why is rabbit different? Because its mild taste usually benefits from the introduction of stronger flavours, such as mustard seed. Other game, with a strong distinctive taste in its own right, is often best complemented by the addition of fruits and wine.

Marinades are invaluable, particularly in the case of older game birds and some venison joints. They are nearly always essential with hare to make the meat more tender and moist.

There is little or no fat on game and so the addition of stock or bacon to some recipes helps prevent the meat from drying out during cooking. Some people even cook their birds upside down so that the breast meat remains moist and does not dry out.

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