The classic British game bird. Shot locally on our own shoot or from a number of nearby estates well known to us. Available fresh from the start of the season until two weeks after it finishes. The season runs from 1st October until 1st February.


For that delicious roast meal, our pheasants come overwrapped on a tray ready for the oven. They can also be casseroled in cider or red wine. We’re delighted to tell you that pheasant are now readily available.

Oven-ready pheasant @ £4.00 eachQty.  

Pheasant Breasts

Our pheasant breasts are sold in packs of four. Ideal for dinner parties, they can be pan-fried, flambéed in calvados, and used in a number of exotic recipes.

Pack of four pheasant breasts @ £7.00 per packQty.  

Pheasant Legs

Sold in packs of four, our pheasant legs which include the drumstick as well as the thigh joint are delicious in casseroles or BBQ’d – and they’re great for picnics, too.

Pack of four pheasant legs @ £4.00 per pack